Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tues 4th Nov: Where The Wild Things Are

What an amazing surprise to give me a bounce in my step amidst this grey dismal Autumn. I found 4 credits in the new British Vogue which I wasn't expecting. Lucinda Chambers has jumbled up neon camping and nautical themes for a tropical woodland adventurer. Im so chuffed Patrick Demachelier's zingy saturated colours bring my iridescent oragami to life alongside these delicious Pam Hogg fluorescent leggings. *DREAMY* As a platform for my fantasy wishlist of frocks, I would like to add a new entry of these leggings in a the top slot. If I ever wore these, I would be floating on air.
Pam Hogg's window display for Browns is beautiful so if you are in the South Molten Street vicinity, go and have a peek at the gold & silver leather suit and black spandex bat suit! It is the 1st thing Ive ever seen to make me consider suppressing my gothphobia! But it was originally made for Siouxie Sioux who is one of my style icons so this may have something to do with it!

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Anonymous said...


you know the hair pieces and neckwear you made out of wrapping paper in an episode for frock me, well I think its was fantastic and I was just wondering how you made them 'cos I have been trying to make one and still cant get it right.

I'm ever so glad you have a blog.