Saturday, 20 December 2008

Sat 20th Dec: The Financial Times

So Teo and I are now officially up and running as a DJ duo under the title "The FT" (Fred & Teo) which we thought fitting under the current monetary climate. We premiered our skills at Work It last weekend where I confess to just passing the records to Teo as it was her 90's collection that we used for the night. However we have secured our 1st booking where I will be spinning some of my own choice tunes in addition. On 27th of Feb we will be performing at the V&A Friday late event which is dedicated to the idea of domesticity - the evening is entitled: "Home sweet home". The evening starts at 6.30pm and finishes at 10pm with a line-up of designers and illustrators doing workshops, projection, talks, performances. I'm very excited about blasting out my latest procured tunes from my weekend charity shop digging.

On the last Friday of every month, the V&A hosts a contemporary late night event in the museum. Centred around a theme or exhibition, the evenings feature live performances, guest DJ's and often hands-on activities as well as a late bar.

photo: Patrick Duffy

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