Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sun 21 Dec: No Days Off Take on The Pallyacho Tapes

The designer's behind the identity of Pure Groove have recently been getting literally hands-on with records, devising a limited edition artwork for London Folktronic act "Barbarossa". Patrick Duffy and Teo Connor have left their computer screens to get messy and double dip a run of 12". Each of the 100 articles has been hand made at their studio by fixing plasticated sleeves with a neon latex seam along each edge. The colour was mixed specially and is that perfect fluro colour that I love which is half way between orange and pink. On the subject of such a colour.............

(Absolutely useless and tenuous trivia from Fred: "Barbarossa" is the Italian for "red beard" due to the facial fuzz of James Mathe, the man behind the music. HOW BIZARRE since the other hotly tipped London act of the moment "La Roux" means "red haired one" in French. La Roux is Kitsune's latest hyped act Elly Jackson who is on tour in Jan/Feb and supporting Lily Allen in March, see:

"The Pallyacho Tapes" is released tomorrow so to guarantee getting a piece of original vinyl wrapped with love, click on the following:

or visit the Rough Trade shop in Notting hill or the Pure groove shop in Farringdon.

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Unknown said...

I'm just unwrapped my copy to listening to it for the first time. Good work!!