Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Thurs 9th Jan: Brianciaga

Having discovered my multicolourtrianglegeometricallytwintransatlanticwestcoast answer to all things cosmically lush, it seems the fellow is equally refreshing. I contacted Brian to see if he could send over any pictures for my blog and damnit he got back in touch with the following. I harass lots of people whose work I like, to no avail. So when a good egg responds, I know I really am onto a winner and not a Veruca Salt. Thanks Brian! You can see Beyonce rocking some Brian Lichtenberg in her latest vid.

Mark Hunter (The Cobrasnake)

Dirk Mai

Beatrice Neumann


SOS! said...

that's so nice of him! Brilliant creations..
xx-LJ from SOS!

LEON said...

1st - billion thanks for an incredible blog...- A GOLDMINE for an illustrator.

2nd - could you please tell me who is the designer of the 'white crown' headpiece?

I am working on an illustration project and i need name for credits.

thanks much in advance