Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sat 14th Feb: Lily's toys lost

So after hyping up the content of Andy Hillman's artwork for Lily Allen's new album, I was totally gutted when it finally came out. I asked the nice lady in HMV to break the seal on a CD with impatient enthusiasm to investigate the outcome. To my horror it is just a few pictures of the outsize letters which we have already seen. None of the incredible toy shots have been included. Here are some snaps from Shoreditch studios on the day of the shoot to give them some exposure so that they have not gone totally to waste. Hillman Studio had so much fun making these treasures its such a shame that they could not be enjoyed by fans who invest in the album. In this day and age of acquiring music without having to buy the actual hardcopy, I find it a strange decision of the record company to only run an edited cut of this sensational story. Who knows what happened but I had to share these images for everyone to see the characters that were invented in Lily's honour.

(photos: Alex Cunningham)

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Miss V (Stylistique) said...

omg actually the best thing i have ever seen - i want all of them!