Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tues 24th Feb: Hats Off to Nasir Mazhar

So after waiting a good 18 months for the Stephen Jones exhibition, I was bouncing off the walls with excitement to cross the road from LFW to the V&A for the opening night. I whipped a silver mirror disc (new collection) off my stand and accessorized myself with Vicky's camera to capture the night for hintmag.com (as seen in previous posts). I was in HAT HEAVEN! Oh my word! I didn't even go into the exhibit because that would be like having a birthday on Christmas day! The party was quite enough of an ordeal to orienteer myself around with the dress code stipulating everyone to wear a head adornment. The night was blissfully unpretentious (sic: riotous) with a gleaming turn out from the old-guard and original crowd -Stephen's contemporaries from the 80's.

And so onto the new generation, and quite literally a New Gen winner Nasir Mazhar. I blogged his presentation from last season as it was a significant moment in millinery. If its possible, I think he pulled off another one yesterday. I was personally blown away but I think that was the general verdict according to feedback from the chaperone's bidding the guests good night.
I will try and keep this short and sweet: EXQUISITE EXECUTION and EDITING. If I say any more it will dilute the enormity of the experience. So I salute you sir, ...........my hat's off to Nasir.

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