Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sun 22nd March: The Convenience Store

In true spirit of Andrew Ibi's reinvention of retail, he has relocated the newly replenished stock for a 3 week sort of sartorial sabbatical. He has temporally closed the doors to the comfort zone of his corner shop to embark on a pop-up shop in the St Martins Lane hotel. I went along to the opening on Thursday eve to have a a squizz at the spectacle and find out more.
Andrew explained that his onus on supplying a tactile and tailored shopping experience for his customers, is best suited to physically moving in order to connect with a dispersed clientele. To make the concept-led edited collection and service global, its not going to be a case of translating to online. Its not possible to virtually reinterpret the platform for one-off pieces and personal intuition from the proprietor. So with this in mind, the alternative action Andrew has taken is to occasionally recreate the Golborne Road haven in transitory spaces. The maiden voyage has taken him central but who knows where the next one will be .............L.A? Miami?

Photos Courtesy: Cube PR ( Gareth Pugh Dress, Hannah Marhall & Cherish Kaya from Ipso Facto, Andrew Ibi & Pam Hogg)

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