Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sun 10th May: Portrait Photographer Profile - Dan Wilton Part II

When I do a profile I like to show an image of what the artist's work space is like and here are some snaps from Dan's Bethnal Green studio. Just at the moment its full of free newspapers but not because he's hoarding them for future papier-mache exploits or swatting up on exactly what time which Girl's Aloud was spotted wearing Wang at whatever pop-up shop launch for a new limited edition endorsed collaboration with guest TV presenter irony dj whose dating a Z- list celebrity's child that's out caning London Town mid GCSE revision ............ So what exactly is going on ?

"I'm in the final stages of a stills & animation shoot for the wonderful people at Choose What You Read. CWYR are standing up against the rubbish thrust into our hands every evening like the London Lite & London Paper - instead offering free books every first Monday of the month at major London rail stations. Free books donated by the public, for the public. With new CWYRs opening up in other UK cities as well as New York I really hope you'll be hearing a lot more about them in the future

The shoot's based around the simple idea of people making an individual choice of what they read. Normally my work doesn't involve much photoshop work at all but with this shoot there's a ton of post production to be done in piecing the shoot together and editing the stop motion animation. So it won't be finished for a while...

I still might need some more people to come stand in front of the camera next week so if you're interested gimme a shout......"

0044 (0) 7779 101241

So if you want to hop off the Central Line with your current favorite book to pose for a quick portrait, its all for a good a cause ..........

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