Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sun 3rd May: Alternative Miss World

This event was quite possibly one of the best spectacles I have ever witnessed. All my excitement and expectations were fulfilled 10 fold.

By the end of the night my cheeks were unbearably painful from smiling so much and I still felt that I had only seen 80% of the fun.............. not being privee to the judges huddle (Richard O'Brien, Julian Clary, Tim Curry,Celia Birtwell, Molly Parkin,Amy Lame, Ken Russell, Zandra Rhodes, Jonny Woo.........etc.) and missing out on the ongoing gargantuan smoking area of glittering guests exchanging genuine appreciation ............Its not often London gets that many freaks together in one place at one time, done up in thier finest and fiercest regailia!

Not only was Andrew Logan dressed in the most fred-tastically pleasing constructivist outfit designed by Zandra Rhodes, but the whole identity of this year's theme was a Bauhaus inspired visual extravaganza. The concept was "The Elements" - Earth , Wind, Water & Fire. I was certainly in my element!!!!!!!
Music was supplied by the band The Irrepressibles who had all been individually styled with cosmic costumes like something out of Bladerunner meets Triadic Ballet.
The majority of the 20 contestants had evidently spent the last few months cultivating and constructing their insane outfits and choreographing their entrances and routines. It was a riot. Each one was was as inconceivable and unidentifiable as the next. The size and complexity of the presentations escalated throughout each of the 3 rounds - being day wear, swimwear and evening wear with the clinch deal of an interview. That was quality entertainment as each of the contestant's composure was far from providing any coherent enlightenment and the host Ruby Wax held no mercy.
But the most refreshing and uplifting upshot of the whole event was the participation that spanned all generations from stage to spectator . One contestant was 8 months pregnant with an unwittingly unborn contender, right through to the vintage participants, probably still on the the agenda from the inaugural contest in 1972.

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