Monday, 15 June 2009

Monday 15th June: Paloma Faith vs. No Days Off

Today is the release date for Paloma's new single "Stone Cold Sober".  If you have passed through London you will have seen the beautiful candy coloured posters prettying up the streets all across town.  If you haven't seen the imagery yet, here are the highlights of her new art direction by "No Days Off", shot by Finlay Mackay with incredible set design by Petra Stores.   Here are some behind the scenes snaps from NDO HQ with the original advance press copy of the single featuring Andy Macgregor's dove illustration.  This icon was commissioned for her identity as "Paloma" is Spanish for "Dove" or "A meek, mild, dove-like person."  Ms. Faith is rather the antithesis of meek being a natural born performer and is in her element on stage, especially when wearing one of her trademark fantastical costumes.  She will be playing material from the new album at the ICA on June 24th so get you ticket to see for yourself ...................and head to itunes now to download "Stone Cold Sober" to tide you over until then .............
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I adore her style!