Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tues 23rd June: Nicola Carvell @ The RA School

At the weekend I went to the the Royal Academy to see the school's summer show.  I skipped the whole scene of the other summer show and shimmied all the way to the back of Burlington House to the student's studios.  They are totally unrecognisable as they have stripped everything out and whitewashed it into a gallery space for their final show.   If you take a sharp left after the skeleton closet and then right at the myriad of marble busts, you will find "Leisure World".  Nicola Carvell has covered her walls with digital prints on  adhesive vinyl with individual names to comprise this world.......  "Club Tropicana......Saved By The Bell.....Sun Splash.....Gravel Pit....Inner Light....Moonbeam......Bright Eyes........."  Not only are the names ringing my bell, but one of the montages features a portrait of E17's Brian Harvey who is apparently her saviour?!  Hilarious.   I have tried to photograph the rubber sculptures on the floor  to show the interior mirror but you really need to go to see for yourself..........
It is a building steeped in history as the country's oldest art school (founded in 1768) with its identity of tradition and community still intact.  So it is nice to see that the work created within this context is contemporary and .....well a bit bonkers.  Its a world acknowledged centre for excellence with fierce competition to win a place in the UK's only no-fee 3 year post-grad program.  So if there is any degree show worth popping along to, this might be one for the list.  If your not impressed with the art, its a dreamy courtyard to just sit and have a coffee tucked behind The Strand!


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