Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday 31st July: Tom Ryan

I have been fascinated by Tom Ryan for quite some time and thanks to an accidental day spent together doing a sample sale in December, I now get to find out more behind the boy with the best eyelashes in town.  However, you can't see that here as he is wise to my blogging ways and successfully avoided my menacing.  But here is his installation "Throw a Match" which is part of a group show at Cordy House called "Know Your Own Place".  Four screen prints hang on the wall and a slide projection is shown across a gigantic Union Jack which has come from Tom's archive of amassed magpie finds.  Its previous incarnations have been a floor covering for an alfresco party and an impromptu dress thereafter.  This is why its always worth holding onto accumulated  treasures ..............we are in firm agreement here.

Someone else to contest to that is another one of Tom's supporters straight off the Eurostar to attend........Judy Blame.  "I love your new necklace" says Elisha........."What?  This load of old shit?" says Judy.  Genius!  Every time!  (please zoom in if you can't see the detail)
The show has been put on by DoBeDo which is an initiative to showcase independent photographers and artists but have now started organising events to back up the online venture.  If you visit the site you see the artists featured and even buy their wares.........including Judy's!  If you prefer a T-Shirt by Juergen Teller or Jason Evans there is an amazing subscription series where you are sent a new guest design each month.  Its exclusive to the site and only 150 hits available.  Or if you just want another blog to add to your reading list the contributors are amazing.............  

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Rollergirl said...

Ok, Judy's shit necklace is really tickling me. He looks really well here. I had a pic of him on my wall when I was about 18, he was SO handsome!