Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sun19th July: Bethan Wood by Alistair Allan

I don't normally use photography that is not by myself or contributors but I just had to run a little entry of snaps from  I met Bethan at Boombox and have recently been trawling Alistair Allan's archive from the days and found all of these was so much fun getting dolled up every Sunday and Bethan was one of the best dressed!  
Alistair has been helping me out with some homework this week so here is also a thanks to him by revisiting his fantastic library of captured moments.  I think that it will be a really important body of work for future sartorial history............lets convince him to do another coffee table book............if you go back through the 150,000 images you can see London's new generation of fashion movers 'n' shakers when they were in their early regalia............e.g how many different colour-ways of hair have been covered by Anna Trevelyn, Gary Card, Henderson Mccue, Dominic Jones, Hanna Hanra............its the whole spectrum between them!

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