Monday, 17 August 2009

Mon 17th Aug: Please Vote for The Blog

I haven't actually dedicated a post to this yet and left it to the swish rosette banner over there on the right to do some subliminal work. But Ive just found out that you can vote everyday so its time to write an official entry to this cause. I didn't realise its a multiple vote scenario. Thank you everyone that has voted so far. The response has been really, really lovely. So despite whatever the outcome may be, this has been a really nice lesson in support.
If I were Veruca Salt I would get a factory floor filled with people hooked up to the net to click on that box continuously everyday. As I'm not Veruca Salt, I'll just say this here and hope that some people can re-vote? Maybe make it part of your daily routine? ..........
Dodge the traffic on your dodgy 2nd hand bike, get to work, make a cup of tea/coffee, check your emails, burn some toast, water the suffering plants, write your facebook status, VOTE FRED, make another cup of tea/coffee, discuss your previous night with your co-worker, contemplate twittering that anecdote, check your blog roll, realise its 10 past start time, put on your glasses, start work.................boil the kettle again in the vain hope someone else will get the hint and make the next round...........thank them when they put down the novelty mug on your paperwork and tell them to VOTE FRED


Its dead easy and quick, click on the rosette and follow the link

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