Saturday, 29 August 2009

Sat 29th Aug: Profile Weekender : Ritta Ikonen Part II

Ritta is a collector. She collects lots of different bizarre unconnected things...........e.g hair clippings to catalogue her colour changes or just random round things found on the floor for no reason at all! Here some of her ziplock bags of findings from her 3 month stay in NYC. I would like to have seen the security scan of her suitcase on the way home! Whilst away she kept up an ongoing project of sending obscure and obsolete objects to her old tutor at Brighton. Not only is it a really fun looking idea to document with addresses squeezed onto strange surfaces but its pure entertainment in experimenting with what exactly can be posted........

"Post office queue in Chinatown after lenghty negotiations over some A6 sized seeds, car tyres, moneyrolls etc trying to get into the NY postal system. Still anxiously waiting for confirmation from Margaret Huber whether they reached the destination..."

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