Monday, 19 October 2009

Mon 19th October: Calling all handsome chaps

Yes, you can be a model for SHOWstudio at Somerset House............either to be shot by Jason Evans or star in Simon Foxton's living installation "Sittings".  All you have to do is head down to the exhibit and find the interactive casting booth to pose for a mugshot.  In addition, you will need to state a few of your stats...........but don't make the same mistake as my friend Naomi: 

"I went into the bit where you are supposed to talk to the machine to apply to be a SHOWstudio model and the machine says “NAME” so I said “Naomi Attwood” the machine says “HIDE” so I ran away from the camera and hid in the corner. Then the machine said “CHEST” then it said “SHOE SIZE” so I realised that it didn’t say “HIDE” at all, it said “HEIGHT” in a Steven Hawking voice and you weren’t supposed to hide at all. So that’s why I’ll probably not become a famous model now. Oh well."

Here are shots from Simon's Sittings on Friday with a fresh face who I rang to speak to purely for research purposes!  I take my journalism very seriously.  Of course it helped that he was easy on the eye (as you can tune into the live feed on the site).  So I found out that his "Omar Kashoura" suit was really quite comfortable and that he was enjoying his orange socks and laces that complimented the backdrop.  His name was Alex and it was his first job from having signed to AMCK the day before!   
Thanks to Rasharn Agyemang for taking these pictures for the post to illustrate a 1st hand account of the project as he is Simon's right hand man.  Of course Rasharn is also known as one half of the menswear design duo Jaiden RVA James who just showed at Somerset House themselves during London Fashion Week.  To see both his collection and incidentally Omar Kashoura's ..........both will be on preview at Cube PR press day this mine will be too................its a family thing..........


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