Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thurs 15th Oct: Frieze Art Fair Part 2

Here was something that reeked of ThreeASFOUR (as seen in ADi's earring from Santiago in 2007).  Not only are these canvases based on the shapes of French Curve tailors tools, but they also had tiny gold jewellery detailing sporadically sewn in.  Amanda Ross-Ho's "Negative Carrier"  came about from - the contours are arrived at through mathematical necessity, however the resulting forms are simultaneously ornamental and utilitarian.  Quite!  I'm very lucky to be the owner of a ThreeASFOUR curved gold plate in a similar style that I wear as a belt and is one of my favourite accessories...........I wouldn't mind one of these paintings on my wall!  For anyone who actually has a budget to facilitate that, Amanda is represented by Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Belgium.

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