Monday, 15 February 2010

Mon 16th Feb: Meghan

This present is a print that Tara Darby kindly gave me last month which I have been so overwhelmed by that its taken this long to know howto say thank you.  As you can see below its still not up on the wall and still in its packaging.  Its called "Meghan"  2008 and from her most recent exhibition (see 2nd image)  at Aubin & Wills.
As it is a picture of a sleeping girl I have propped it up on my bed for the time being, before it finds a proper position and rightful place.   Whilst papping this pic, I also documented another generous gift to me............the best breakfast in bed Ive had from my flatmate which I woke up to on Valentine's day.  Thanks don't have to wait for another special occasion to repeat the performance, any day will do...................haha!

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Spadger said...

wowee, such sweet presents!

can I just say, HOW Anna is that breakfast?! check the salt n pepa in little contrasting bowls!

you can take the girl outta Switzerland.....