Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Weds 3rd Feb: Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

You may recognise this AMAZING wall storage design from the front cover of the last Wallpaper Magazine ..........and perhaps my recommendation on AnOther Loves.......
I literally fell in LOVE with this cosmic stacking system as it is so similar to the hexagonal patchwork in my own work.  I did some research into the brain that masterminded this spacial optical illusion and discoverd that some of Bjorn's inspiration had come from studying Erno Rubik........I LOVE a Rubik's cube!  I asked Bjorn to explain a little bit more about his background and reasoning behind this inventive and appealing home interior solution.....
"My background is pretty much BA and Ma from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2007 and 2009 (I've spendt on year in the univeristy studying molecularbiology but dropped out) 
I have been intruiged by designingin storage concepts for two reasons
1) The will in creating a design come from a form of relation to the concept. Regarding chairs, what most furniture designers want to design, the closeness to the human body of the object, both in form and function, is what i belive are the main driving component. Usually when it comes to storage the objects in question aren't close in this sense, and the will in designing them kind of diminishes. I have therefore tried to update the human relation with the contents of storage from practical issues regarding easy acces and availiability to nodes in ones memory.
Where chair design may find inspiration from bodily nearness, storage could then find inspiration from mental nearness. This is where my inspiration comes from.
2)A normal book shelf have a 2 dimentional interface regarding browsing the contents of it i.e. the backs of the books. We live in a 3d world from where our memories are created, also when you read a story the memories are not of the page with the text, but the image of what it portrays. I have searched for a kind of mind mappning storage.
I usually think of the Imeuble, as some now call it (other names are Wallcubes or INFOCUBE2 (INFOcubed CUBEsquared) as 2,5D and raises the issues more than answering it."

Bjorn also kindly sent over some images of his work-in-progress for an inside look at the mathematics behind the engineering.  I can't wait to see this go into production so that discerning decorators can purchase thier own set.  
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