Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thurs 25th March: HIllman Studio's "Lady Grey" for Italian Vogue

These 2 scans are tears of  the couture special "Lady Grey" from the new Italian Vogue with set design by Hillman Studio and shot by Tim Walker.  I am lucky enough to be sat next to the in-house prop production that goes on for such jobs............witnessing this hare head being realised from sketch to final fur and flocking perfection.  Here you can see Andy Hillman behind the scenes on location and the models Stella Tennant and Charles Guislain in the final epic images.  How incredible to be a 16yr old fashion enthusiast and find yourself cast with such consideration in a timeless and doubtless iconic narrative.  This is one of the most sublime stories I have seen come out of the Walker stable in recent times and the whole thing carries on for pages and pages.  Congratulations everyone on the team from the exquisite styling of Jacob Kjeldgaard, green fairy magical makeup by Sam Bryant and theatrical taxidermy hairpinned barnetts by Malcolm Edwards.
Thank you to Alex Cunningham for the pictures.
(This is my 1,111 th post!)


shoulderache said...

Wow, that rabbit head hat is insane!!!!

Random Fashion Coolness said...

That is STUNNING! The bunny head and chandelier tree are inspired. Merci Fred for your 1,111 post ;]