Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thurs 20th May: Designer's Dining Al Desko

Whilst Im over at FASHION156 as guest blogger this week I wanted to write an article "Dining Al Desko".  This idea of originally came from an annoying dating advert on Spotify but has become a bit of an in-joke amongst local east-end creatives.  With overlapping last minute deadlines, we are all too busy to put down the paintbrush and stop for a proper meal.  It’s all about jamming up your keyboard by dropping donut jam down the keys whilst you hastily try to type out correspondence in-between paint drying. SO with this in mind, I got in contact with my fellow prop makers to see whats on the menu of this week’s “dining al desko”.
Ironically, as it goes, a few of the people I asked were too busy to submit pictures...........or too late.  Here is Alex Cunningham's late entry as she was actually out on a shoot of the day I collected up the contributions.  To see the whole story click here or check out Alun Davies blog for a more personal account of his input.

"Lunch was a late affair today......smorgasbord....well its kinda Swedish!! The mice are back, so its a race to eat bread based products before the mice help themselves to smorgasbord of their own!! Andy Mac lost the insides of a whole granary loaf over night!!"

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Deadline or no deadline I eat everything in front of my mac, I'm dropping bran down the cmd key as we speak. Poor Mac.

fredbutlerstyle said...


I wasn't joking about the jam either. My Z key is still slightly red. Its really grosse.