Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday 18th June: i-D online - report by Emily Beard

Today is the launch of i-D online! Woop Woop! My favourite magazine publisher put onto the web by one of my favourite editors - Laura Bradley - the whizz kid behind The Fashion Almanac aided with the geek knowledge of techie's Phoenix. Laura and fellow designer Jocelyn Lloyd have been hidden away for a few months, heads down and locked into compiling this major destination for all Google reader blog rolls. I shall now hand you over to my assistant Emily Beard who has looked over the site to give you a concise run down on what to expect before you copy and paste the URL......

"i-D’s new site ‘i-D online’ heralds the magazine’s transition into the digital era. In a follow up to the six print issues of the magazine per year, i-D is expanding their content to speak to their online readership.

Instead of simply regarding i-D as a magazine, readers are now invited to embrace the i-D name as a lifestyle.

Bucking the trend of regurgitating information as seen in the magazine, visitors to the i-D site experience new content, tailored to the online format through concise articles and straight forward navigation.
In a move complementary to the heritage of the magazine, aside new information, the site also displays archive content, allowing new and veteran readers alike to view less accessible content. The site will also link back to its printed issues through the ‘Magazine’ section, elaborating on the key themes and ideas explored in the issues.

The i-D site will be encouraging its readers to interact with the site, for example recommending events for the ‘i-Diary’ feature which lays out a day by day schedule of upcoming events.

Each section of the site is divided by content, varying from the specific (e.g. ‘Straight Ups’- Street Style portraits form past and present and ‘i-List’ with Top 10 lists from varying contributors) to the less disciplined (e.g. ‘i-Spy’, currently displaying a mash up of how to do a Charlie le Mindu hairstyle, Noel Fielding’s exhibition, and images of Sonia Rykiel’s artwork).

The format of the content is reminiscent of the simplicity and ease of a blog, but still references the multi-faceted content and sections that would be found in any issue of i-D. Contributions and articles on emerging talents are presented alongside those of more established names, representing the i-D ethos of nurturing new talent alongside existing."

Thanks to Laura for the photo from i-D HQ and Terry's i-pad!

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Rollergirl said...

Oh goody, will have to check it out. They should really have been pioneers in the digital/blog revolution considering their DIY ethos with the origins of the mag. I sincerely hope it's a success for them.