Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sat 7th Aug: The Residence

Here is Ingrid Z's pied, tattooed with the emblem of her gallery "The Residence" which is just celebrating its 5th Anniversary with an art prize and auction "Hackney Wood". All artists participating have been given wood as the material of choice and theme to follow. The primal substance used by ancient cultures assigned with magical powers and believed to be the shaper of all things has been readdressed by contemporary East End artists, each with an affiliation to Hackney..................
To see how the 18 contributors have translated the title, the exhibition is now open at the space in Victoria Park and also live online. Click through the works and make your own vote in the
People's Choice Award and also place a secret bid to win one of the pieces. The award ceremony is going to take place on the 2nd Sept with a red carpet event!
London, United Kingdom, E9 7HD

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