Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday 15th August: Lazy Oaf HQ - Report by Emily Beard

If you've ever visited the Lazy Oaf shop at Carnaby Street, you're equally as likely to have overheard someone trying to (unsuccessfully) buy part of the decor. So what would the studio of the master team behind Lazy Oaf actually look like..?
I was lucky enough to find out.

New residents to the neighborhood (Lazy Oaf moved in a just over year ago) the spacious studio houses just as much business as creativity. Upon entering the studio there is a self titled 'shelf of dreams' which has everything from books of inspirational material to loafers studded with googley eyes and plush teeth. The Lazy Oaf personality is undeniably everywhere you look: a giant perspex 'Lazy Oaf' sign hanging next to a plush wolf head, rainbow computer keyboards, mimi clown pom pom hats, not to mention a Fred Butler paper bird chilling on a rainbow!
My personal favourite section was a toss up between the array of skulls with crystallised eyes and sofa straining with lazy oaf cushions.

The lovely team at Lazy Oaf were nice enough to gift the above rucksack, which is what Fred would probably look like in bag form. Naturally Fred popped it on as soon as she got her mitts on it!

Lazy Oaf recently hosted an 'Let's face it' event at the Tate, which invited illustrators- both aspiring and established- to get creative and draw self portraits. The event was a roaring success, and you can see the results and pictures here .
To go through the keyhole and see the house of Lazy Oaf director Gemma Shiel, click here.

Let's Face It at Tate Modern from Lazy Oaf on Vimeo.

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I LOVE Lazy Oaf. Their products are cute.
Nice post :)