Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Weds 13th Oct: Bendy Bandz Craze

Ive noticed kids wearing elastic bands on their wrists. WHY? I dunno. But I thought Id give it a whirl to find out. So Ive got involved in the new accessory craze and its a great party trick. The animal and number shaped bands stay exactly in shape when you take them back off - so you can play a guessing game of what each colour will be. Ive had this lot on for nearly 2 weeks and they are still perfect. Try it out for yourself! I got mine from Christopher Shannon's local nik nak shop but I'm sure you can pick them up anywhere!


Plinth said...

The kids i nanny for are going MENTAL over these things. on the brink of being banned at their school as everyone has become so obsessive about them. 'YOU HAVE A BLUE TURTLE?!I MUST HAVE IT!SWAPSIES!' is all I ever hear.

Funny Bandz said...

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