Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday 19th Nov: Gary Card at Levis

One day over LFW Gary came by my studio to say hello ........... holding a large cardboard box which he put down and opened up. What popped out was a maquette of a polkadot denim designed interior for an installation in Levis UK London flagship store. This mini version has now been executed by Card & son (yes Gary's teamed up with the expertise of his father on this one and their surname is really Card - AMAZING!). The festive season setting was unveiled this week and open for inspection and interaction. The deceptive patterned walls are arranged into a labyrinth to become Gary's own idea of a grotto optical indigo maze complete with his own unique variation of elves.........

To see how Gary initially got involved with Levis, check out The Craftworkers project ........Levis x Gary Card page or his own blog.

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