Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tues Nov 30th: Patrick Wolf preview

The time has come around for new material from the powerhouse of Patrick Wolf and the world better be prepared.
I am safe in the knowledge that I will always love the melodic magic that is woven into each new album but not to the extent of the resonance of the latest chapter. Craig and I pitched up for the private preview of Patrick's new assembly of musicians and performance. We curled up on a sofa in the rehearsal studio on Bermondsey Street to be treated to tracks such as "Two Kisses Sweet On Bermondsey Street". The selected songs from the imminent 5th album are awash with compelling compounded emotion and romance - and executed with deep heartfelt delivery, measure for measure. Its a cross section of sparkling strumming on the harp to an extended string section set off with an Arabic vocalist as an eery instrument in itself. Just as you are riding the crest of this symphonic spell , a base thumping throng from a brass section snaps you out and brings you right back to the source of Patrick's brilliance.
Its a cliche to comment on an artist maturing but the sophistication of the direction in Patrick's latest arrangements is overwhelming. The layers of sounds fly out of the instruments and whirl around in a tornado of magnetic material, penetrating your heart and ear drums. Yet, despite the distinction of the freshest writing, none of the original classics penned by the teenage Wolf were over-shadowed. Each track stood up for itself against each other, all bristling with proud assurance as testament to the primordial talent of this prodigy.
Combining folk instruments and a pop sensibility with his aptitude for epic soundtrack anthems is a totally relevant invention and one that should be unequivocally revered by the mainstream press. The Peter Pan figure darting round stage connecting with each of his chosen guest musicians has conscientiously orchestrated the exact combination of cosmic conspirators to convey this communication. Damon Albarn is (rightly) lauded for going the distance in travelling the globe to amass his world music for the masses - Patrick has been doing this since his fledgling adolescent ventures into the industry. It was lovely to be walking through Brixton Market with him recently and have the shop front pointed out to me where the cover of his 2003 debut "Lycanthropy" was shot. Here the young boy photographed looking like "The Littlest Hobo" ready to set off for a voyage of discovery has certainly fulfilled this prophecy. 5 albums later is a boy that does indeed have lycanthropy super powers and undergone a transformation ......... not into a wolf as in the myth ......... but into a force to be reckoned with and ready with teeth glistening to attack the charts. Just wait and find out about the artwork .... its going be quite something!

Patrick plays the first dates of his impending larger tour next week

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