Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Weds 12th Jan: CocknbullKid by Elisha Smith Leverock


Here is a sneak peak from the set of TheCockNBullKid's upcoming single release shot by my favourite promo director Elisha Smith-Leverock. Its a dream team as I'm a massive fan of Anita Blay's music in the first place and as an extra bonus my muse ROWDY SUPERST*R was on the tools for the styling. I was more than chuffed to be asked to contribute some accessories for the Frida Kahlo inspired treatment when it was first conceived back in the summer. Finally the plans have come to fruition with 6 mini versions of Anita being dressed head to toe in monochromatic looks. I want one!!!!! They are just too cute!
The footage is now in edit so I'll be letting you know when the final version is released............. check in to CockNBullKid's site to find out new live dates announced today.............. and Elisha's site and blog to research her latest work including Pixie Lott's new single "Can't Make This Over".

(Images: Top 3 stills by Elisha, bottom 2 snaps from CockNBullKid's twitter)

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