Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sat 21st Feb: Susie B

Always on the ball is Miss Susie B. As soon as her plane touches the ground from one fashion week to the next, she's straight off the airport runway to the collections on the catwalk runway. Not content with close up perspective from front row position, she's often found backstage on the super sleuth sartorial trail through the rails. Here she is decked out in a soft coral Issey Miyake pleat skirt and twin prints to match her jazzy Orla Keily covered Citroen that's ferrying her around LFW (a subconscious coincidence). Its always a pleasure to have 5 mins of her precious time for a catch up. The industry does have its cluster of rarefied pearls of personable down to earth humble and real creatures. Susie B is one of them. That's why we all love Style Bubble.

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