Friday, 11 March 2011

Fri 11th March: Yohji Yamamoto at The V&A

Last evening was the unveiling of the Yohji Yamamoto retrospective at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Three years in the making, its a site specific safari set up around the different galleries of the vast museum rather than just the one layout plan in a singular room. These satellite installations are interactive with an initiative for visitors to engage with the garments via an open invitation to touch the pieces and investigate the textiles through tactile experience. I had a good feel around this beautiful hand rushed and pleated red dress which reminded me of a Fortuny gown in its soft decadence and drape. Tom Ryling particularly liked this pink jacket which was sewn perfectly to appear worn inside out - which was ironic as I was actually wearing my Cooperative Designs jumper inside out!!!
Also in attendance were Nick Night and Peter Saville who are responsible for the artwork of the exhibition guide. The all important special guest however was Yohji himself who took to a podium to speak and introduce his mother who was celebrating her 95th birthday in addition to the exhibition opening! A secondary outpost of the retrospective opens at The Wapping Project this evening acting as an extension to the 60 creations in the main space at The V&A. I only had time to snap this crucial collection of clothes in the main neon strip lit space with walls decorated in illustrations painted by Yohji just prior to the opening. I'll have to return to roam the corridors and cabinets of the museum to find the rest of the mannequins nestling inbetween the tapestries and sculptures of the museum's permanent collection.

Yohji Yamamoto at The V&A runs from 12th March-10th July 2011

See also "Yohji making waves" at The Wapping Project

Thirdly, visit "Yohji's Women" at Wapping Bankside - A photographic exhibition of key photographers who have worked with Yohji Yamamoto.

ALSO have an inside insight at the curators blog here.

(Portrait of Tom Ryling and Yu Masui ......... click over to Yu's blog to see more pics from the private view including Yoji, Wim Wenders and Suzy Menkes ......... and check out Tom Ryling's interview with Masao Nihei, Yohji Yamamoto’s longtime collaborator on Glass Magazine)

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