Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thurs 17th March: Anthony Burrill and No Days Off at Pick Me Up

Last year Rob Ryan took over Somerset House as artist in residence for "Pick Me Up" and now its the turn of Anthony Burrill who has chosen to collaborate with "No Days Off" on the identity for the fair. They will also be teaming up on a project close to their hearts and history of album artwork design to work on a Top 40. Teo, Patrick and Anthony will cut up and customize 40 charity shop-bought album sleeves to be offered as raffle prizes. Music will also take over the space in the form of performance with Burrill's band Sp├Ące Rock......... how many strings does this man have to his creative bow?!?! You can ask him for yourself when he holds a talk to discuss his work as a designer, illustrator, artist and video director. Or alternatively visit the open studio when everyone is welcome to get involved with daily fanzine sessions . This is a chance to participate in making collages which will be photocopied into a zine ........... or pick up a ping pong bat and have a game across the desks!

Investigate this further here.

If anyone wants to spend £8 in the shop and buy me an Anthony Burrill cloud and rainbow broach I will much appreciate it!!

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