Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thurs 4th Mar: Michael Pybus at Dalston Superstore

The latest artwork up on the walls of Dalston Superstore has come from the mixed-media talent Michael Pybus. Titles such as "Instant Barbecue" fit very well to the context of having an exhibition in a space shared with an eatery destination. For the majority of my readers I think that the interior of the Superstore is a well acquainted territory with no surprises in store (excuse my pun!). But I thought it would be nice to share how it looks for the rest of the world not on the doorstep of Dalston's most frequented disco spot! Its an unassuming set up that doesn't boast about its clientele of Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab, La Roux and guest dj's including Robyn and Peaches. It just happens to be beautifully set up with sun streaming through the glass roof and comfortable laid back banquette seating. The food is pretty special too! It requires a serpent skill to dislocate your jaw to get your gnashers round one of their giant burgers stacked with pickles and melting cheese. So just incase you have been under a miss-comprehension that "Dalston Superstore" was some kind of £1 shop along the E8 stretch - you can now stand corrected and see exactly whats going on! Its a gorgeous open air retreat to sit during the day and while away time day dreaming that you could actually be in Manhattan.......

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