Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Thurs 7th April: Revisiting SHOWstudio's Leigh Bowery/Nick Knight Print Competition Winners Part II

The second installment in catching up with the winners from the SHOWstudio Nick Knight / Leigh Bowery print competition:

"when the competition was announced on SHOWstudio's Leigh Bowery week in 2004 (?) I was just desperate to win. I remember the brief was to send an image of yourself dressed in a manner inspired by Leigh Bowery. At that point I thought I had no chance. but then in a cheaty sort of a way I looked through some old photos from my clubbing days and found the one of me from 1985 dressed really badly for a medical themed night I was dj-ing at... I never for one second thought I would win, and was convinced that they would see through the fact that the photo was dead old and that it really wasn't the best look !.. but I guess it was at the time inspired by Leigh. He always seemed like the most fascinating person in the world to me. I still often wonder what he would have been doing now if he'd still been alive. I love the way that his influence lives on in the mainstream with people like Lady Gaga, and that he's now respected as an artist .
Anyway........ when I found out I'd won the prize I was so excited , I've never won anything before or since , and I'm not really bothered by that as I got the best prize"

Paul Weymes

(Images: Paul's entry, the prints at SHOWStudio, Paul with his portrait now)

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