Friday, 3 June 2011

Fri 3rd June: Arnhem Mode Biennale - "Atmostpheres" - Fashion in Film

One zone of the Arnhem Biennale is called "Atmospheres" which represents the facets of the industry that circumnavigate the actual collections........ ie film, photography, illustration, scent and sound. To first reach this wing of the building, you enter through a dark 30 metre long corridor spot lit with 12 isolated hanging speakers. Nico Muhly's sound installation plays 12 different tracks so as you pass each one, the entire track unveils itself.
What unfolds further along the path is a truly amazing curated space by "Fashion Film Festival" working in conjunction with composer Daniel Pemberton on a score for the installation. The research project which began in 2005 out of an initiative from Central St. Martins has come to The Bienalle to represent an inventory of colour in film. They have taken a library of footage of monochromatic dress drawn from over a hundred films covering a huge variety of genres throughout decades since colour cinematography began. Each screen shows a montage of scenes shot in one colour, splicing up all the disparate sources. These are staggered in line with the next so that the complete vision is a hanging rainbow of film clips. This is my idea of heaven! So much fun to watch and recognise the films but also get to appreciate the subtle colour organisation employed to emphasise abstract elements in the narrative.

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