Monday, 26 September 2011

Mon 27th Sept: Behind The Scenes of my SS12 Fashion Film

1 week ago was the presentation and exactly 2 weeks ago was the shoot of my SS12 fashion film which was a very quick turn around after failing to finally find enough funds for production costs. Fortunately Crane TV granted our wish true by stepping in at the last moment to lift our spirits with sponsership to secure making my 5th film. So here is a massive shout out, props, high five, group hug and strong hand shake to the generosity and foresight of Crane TV to offer us a package to put our ideas in place. Zaiba Jabbar came on board as director, Alun Davies magic-ed up a multi faceted set with lots of different elements from our story board brainstorms. We had a great time building an underwater atmosphere to fit to Patrick Wolf's soundtrack which looped in the background of the studio to inspire Joesphine, our eager and charming model. Stylist Kim Howells had commissioned Marian Newman to design Minx nails based on the sea creature structure of my collection which you can see here and also lit to full effect in the finished film.
It was the first time that I had physically seen all the accessories and garments out of the paint splashed mess of my studio and grouped together in a comprehensive clutch of considered looks. As we dressed Josephine, it was so exciting to see the whole thing come together, especially Rosy Nicholas's barnacle shoes which she had been crafting for the collection. This was the perfect opportunity to experiment and lock down the makeup with Yin Lee and hair with Bianca Tuovi for the presentation. This whole process has been caught on film by the Crane TV documentary team to be released in conjunction with the fashion film ........... but for now here is the final feature edited by Daniel Gianini which we made to show on Susie Bubble's blog concurrently with the presentation so that anyone, anywhere in the world could experience and enjoy a slice of "Sonic Sinuate Supertemporal Sequestador".

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