Friday, 7 October 2011

Fri 7th Oct: Secret Sensory Suppers by Franklin till

For three nights during London's Design Festival, Franklin Till curated 'Secret Sensory Suppers', a series of culinary events designed to push the senses for an eating experience with an unexpected twist. The evenings were hosted at east London Hotel Andaz (Liverpool Street) and took on three themes: 'A Visionary Feast For the Senses', 'A Sensual Night of Taste and Touch' and 'Masonic Supper'. Each evening was an individual collaboration that transformed the hotel into an experimental space, involving everything from string quartets, film, scenting, blindfolding, ice sculptures and secret societies. Franklin Till worked with Bompass & Parr, Caroline Hobkinson and Silent Studios to invent the varying themes which involved such feats as suspending bread rolls in mid air from helium balloons as seen here....... all finished off with specially designed black and white table wear inspired by the dining room Freemason's checkered floor by Rian Crabtree.

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