Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sun 27th Nov: The British Guide To Showing Off

Here are some of my photos from Andrew Logan's "Alternative Miss World" from 2009 and at the top a photo of Andrew from last night's screening of the film about the show "The British Guide To Showing Off". To his right is the director Jes Benstock who has spent seven years piecing together footage and archives of photos to animate a documentary about the complete history of the institution. He also followed Andrew and partner Michael around London as they were producing the most recent competition in 2009 when Daniel Lismore was a contestant, who also took part in last evenings Q&A session.
The film is an uplifting, fun and colour filled visual feast that I implore everyone to watch either when it travels near you on the large screen or order the DVD when it is released. This is the English equivalent of New York's "Paris Is Burning" or California's "Cocquettes" and an essential addition to the genre of film dedicated to international dress up and drag. The interesting thing about Andrew's parties is that the emphasis is not on gender specifically, but more inclusive and open to provide a platform for anyone to get involved and get creative. Since the first foray in 1972, contestants have come in all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life which is the component celebrated in this celluloid tribute to the cult of of this very English affair. Watch the trailer here to get a taste of what I'm talking about and join the Facebook page to find out the times and destinations of the tour to track down a screening near you. ........ its still on the Hackney Picture House for a few days before going national and then international.....

You can also hear a great interview with Andrew about the film and hear his musical selection with Jarvis Cocker over on Radio 6.

(Top to bottom: Jes & Andrew & Daniel, Jonny Woo, Duggie Fields, Piers Atkinson, Party Goer, Miss Sea-Sea-Sur Mer, Molly Parkin, Fancy Chance & Ruby Wax & Andrew, Zandra Rhodes, Roy Brown)

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