Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Weds 2nd Nov: Gary Card & Jacob Sutton

Gary Card and collaborator Jacob Sutton took it upon themselves to deck out the communal space in their studio to host an evening event of a sit down meal for friends to congregate and view their latest work. This was no cobbled together "Come Dine With Me" affair but a beautiful four course feast of genuine Istanbul cuisine cooked with consideration and care. To start proceedings Jacob dimmed the lights and showed a reel of recent films, projected onto the scoop (built by Gary's set builder father Chris Card). To illuminate the open plan site, Gary had made these glowing busts specially for the showcase. But the ultimate work on display were the sets he had constructed for Jacob's films including a chalk wall of white cubes that exploded on impact of an athlete captured in slow motion. The next short of Angelo Sorrenti striking sheets of sugar glass, break into tiny shiny shards that spin and fly thru close depth of field with macro focus. Each clip is an example of exquisite execution and production which sets the bench mark for other "fashion" film makers at the moment - I suddenly have a new appreciation for the facilities needed to pull off such major feats. See here a two part promo Jacob made with Simon Foxton for new iPAD exclusive periodical "POST" where the model is floating in mid air, convincingly gravity defying.
Not only did I learn more about the moving-image work of Jacob and Gary but also experienced a new type of format for bringing people together. This intimate and relaxed environment has triggered a taste for something I would like to experience more of in the future .......... especially the home made ice-cream and baklava pudding!!! Congratulations to the duo for having the initiative to put on such an all encompassing event in their own domain! As it turns out the space is now for hire as a studio for freelance photographers and shoots........ for more info see here. I can recommend it purely on the basis of the catering!

The Partisan - New York Times from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.

The Man Who Fell To Earth from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.

The Man Who Fell To Earth (Part II) from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.

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