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Sat 14th Jan: David Bowie and Mick Ronson, UK, 1973 by Mick Rock Q&A on AnOther

This week I became the top hit on AnOther LOVES for the David Bowie and Mick Ronson portrait by Mick Rock that I posted from Culture Label. Lucia Davies interviewed me about my fascination with the legendary Bowie which you can view in an edited version over at the article with the print.......... or read the full Q&A here............. with some photos of my vinyl collection and the postcards I have pinned up next to turntable..........

1. What made you choose this image of David Bowie and Mick Ronson UK 1973 by Mick Rock?

I like to "LOVE" things that are current and as its Bowie's big birthday week, this was perfect. I was also excited that a gallery were actually selling these prints so it would be a good product to share on AnOther LOVES for other Bowie fiends like me.

2. How do you pronounce Bowie: Bo-ee bow-ee?

I'm of the Bo-ee ilk. But I also occasionally like to warble my voice in a Mick Jagger way .... D-havid Booooweee

3. Are you a big fan of both their music?

I'm only familiar with their combined music ......... and yes I'm a huge fan. I collect vinyl and I have systematically tried to amass as much Bowie as possible. My favourite sleeve is "Pin Ups" with the misty images of him and Twiggy which sits on top of my turntable. I saw Bowie perform at Glastonbury in 1997 and Ive been hooked ever since.

What kind of music are you into?

Too many different genres to mention, but the critical crux is that it makes me want to move - I love to dance. I dj occasionally and its a real mish mash of 60's Nothern Soul, 70's disco, ska and hip hop to 80's electronica and 90's r'n'b............... the criteria is being a dance floor filler!

5. Both men are considered style icons of their time – do you have any favourite looks or particular style elements of theirs?

Its all about the collaboration with Kansai Yamamoto - of which this monochrome stripey jacket is one such classic! Incredible! My favourite costume is the black and gold jumpsuit with the ginormous disc shape pantaloons. The alien absurdity of the Ziggy Stardust chapter was perfection to me - I'm a sucker for a man in makeup and that was a definitive avant-garde invention!

6. Like Bowie, you are also renowned for your distinct and vibrant style choices – what is the most garish thing you own?

I think the whole of my wardrobe is garish - I'm not afraid of colour or pattern which usually constitutes as crazy! I wore a gold lurex all-in-one as my bridesmaid "dress" for my sister's wedding with spiky hair which was pretty Bowie! The loudest look I own is probably neon yellow with a tulle pom pom AsFOUR bag which makes me look like a construction worker from Bladerunner!

7. What are your views on the infamous mullet that Bowie sported through much of his career?

Only he can make a mullet sexy. I don't know what the equation of parts is, but no-one else has pulled it off in my opinion. I'm actually partial to his rockabilly quiff with short back and sides from the Absolute Beginners era .............. phwoar!

8. The photographer who shot them, Mick Rock, has photographed some of the finest and most provocative images in rock’n’roll history, what other music photographers do you like?

When I was a teenager I got lost in the hyper-real fantasy world of David Lachapelle executed with those impressive complex and intricate sets. On the flip side however I love gritty, real, spontaneous gems like Maripol's Polaroids of Grace Jones and a very young Madonna etc. .........
For current times, Tara Darby takes a brilliant portrait. She captures the essence of a band or artist in that fleeting moment they have sheduled to shoot. It always reveals a very natural and relaxed side to the subject's character without any inflicted style - she respects and exposes someone's innate charm at the same time.
Last but not least, Jason Evans is a legend - who works outside the box and comes up with a discerning, fresh angle which is occasionally abstract and always beautiful.

9. They are captured on a train whilst enjoying their train meal. What has been your favourite train ride? When and where to?

One Summer I travelled to the Venice Bienalle and then Locarno film festival with my best friend which was unexpectedly beautiful with the yellow fields of corn! But I think my favourite train rides are in Holland or some in France where the graffiti is on another level to the UK - its serious! The colour and craftsmenship is hardcore and honed!

10. What do you where when you are travelling?

I have a massive quilted hexagon garment from my degree collection which doubles up as a cocoon like a sleeping bag. I just pull it over my head and hide inside!

11. What was the last track, CD or record you bought?

I struck gold in Oxfam recently finding a whole bounty of Mark Moore type London dance records from the early 90's. The best for my bedroom dancing antics is " "Breathing is E-Zee" by Ezee Posse / Jeremy Healy with vocals from Tara Newley (daughter of Joan Collins and singer Anthony Newley). The credit to the artwork is a still from a Katherine Hamnett film by Ellen Von Unwerth?! Great track and great cover!

12. What is your favourite online shop?

I don't shop online because I spend too much time looking at a screen as it is. I prefer to come across stuff as I travel around, when I can feel it, smell it, try it out. However Amazon is a weakness as its criminally quick and easy. On recommendation from Tom Ryling, I just bought "City Boy: My Life in New York During the 1960s and 1970s" by Edmund White about life in new york in the 1960's/70's ........ can't wait to read that!

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