Monday, 27 February 2012

Mon 27th Jan: London Fashion Week AW12 - Menswear Day - Kit Neale

Kit Neale's debut collection styled by Mark McMahon was one of my favourite Fashion East installations for the oddly matched metallic Reeboks and fun karaoke film playing Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog"........... the namesake title of the collection. Renowned for his prints, this season Kit has taken a botanical twist with turnip illustrations inspired from both his father's allotment and Derek Jarman's Dungeness garden. With these turquoise foil print fingerless gloves it might be possible to keep your green fingers twitching down at the plot next winter - a cosmic way to weed those Brassica! (Film above by Ben Rayner)

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Monica said...

I am impressed in your designs that floral dress shirt for men really looks good, If I were you I will also do it in women’s wear that will match on what those men are wearing.