Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Thurs 23rd Feb: Masha Orlov's Valentine Greeting

KISSING from Silja Magg on Vimeo.

Valentine's Day is a pretty sad affair for singleton's (raising my little mitt in the air). So thank goodness for some light relief in the form of colour and fun in alternative messages such as this furry fantastic film from Masha Orlov. Masha's Valentine greeting is a collaboration with hair artist Hrafnildur Anrnardottir aka Shoplifter on the animated set design installation and morphing makeup to match by Andrea Helgadottir. Watch from the beginning to the end of the clip shot by Silja Magg to see the magic unfold featuring Masha herself as the leading smooching lady......... and Martin Bonventre from The French Kings as her partner (and provider of the soundtrack)......
Masha says "Cheers to Kissing!" .............. CHEERS!
(Thanks to Silja for the stills)

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