Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mon 26th March: Peep Show Workshop, "Pick Me Up" at Somerset House

I love collecting friend's prints to decorate my home and I unexpectedly had the chance to make my own on Saturday. I returned to PickMeUp to take a second look as there was too much to see at the private view - it's a visual overload. Whilst I was there, PeepShowCollective were holding a print workshop as part of their studio residency at the fair. The "Bare Bones" theme activity had lots of perspex skeleton pieces for you to position in your own arrangement. I got totally caught up in concentration in creating these two totem pole structures. I'm so chuffed to have made my own monograph!!! It was so much fun I can highly recommend finding out when you can get involved in a class at their website here. Have a look at their beautiful aprons whilst you are there too.......

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