Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday 8th April: The Original Buffalo Boots

The other day I saw a girl walking along with a yellow Buffalo store carrier bag.  Was it an original or has Buffalo re-opened?  It made me wonder where mine were and wonder where this nostalgia for the platform sneaker has come from at the moment?!  I was part of the first wave of Buffalo wearers when it was a tiny shop at the end of Neal Street in '95 before The Spice Girls got styled in them and it moved  to the bigger premises further up the road (now Office?!).  Ive unearthed a couple of my boxes, bags and clippings I kept in a sketch book - and a photo of me in my first midi-high orange pair.  By the end of my Buffalo buying I had accumulated the higher platforms in yellow, red and pink.  I wore them every day, even when driving once I had passed my test.  Luckily I drove a camper van with plenty of room between the pedals and wheel!  A few years down the line when my hair had grown out from this crop and morphed from red to blue,  I started to wear tiny mini kilts and long school socks thinking I looked like a Manga girl.   Around this time a young Patrick Wolf  was working at the Japanese shop SuperLovers opposite Buffalo on Neal Street we may well have met each other all those moons ago!  
If you fancy a pair of new platform sneakers / boots,  I can suggest checking out Bol$hie SS12 or Ashish AW12

2 comments: said...

aggghhh I hated Buffalo boots! I had rubber platforms put on my Converse by the cobblers in Oxford Circus tube station instead. Of course they thought I was a loon.

fredbutlerstyle said...

Apparently Patrick did the same as you ......... great minds think alike! I want to see photos!! X