Monday, 4 June 2012

Mon 4th June - Diamond Jubilee Weekend

The weather has pulled out all the stops in being the most English it possibly could be ............. by opening up the sky and pouring down with cold, wet, wet, rain.  But in response, the great British public have responded in donning their anoraks and smiles to struggle thru and enjoy the spectacle.  We headed down to Somerset House to join Craig Lawrence and his family on the terrace to watch the flotilla of 1000 boats sail down the Thames river.  I made some cosmic Coronation chicken sandwiches and Verity Keefe baked an "Elizabeth" sponge in the colours of the Union Jack.................. 

(Top to bottom:  Anna Murray in her BOY sunglasses and unidentified Moshchino wearer at Field Day music festival on Saturday, cupcakes at TOMS kitchen, WAH! Jubilee Nail designs, Craig Lawrence flag t-shirt, Verity's cake, Rosy Nicholas in her crown, Patrick Wolf's Pearly King Boots, Verity in the best jacket on the courtyard of Somerset House)

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