Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday 6th July: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs vs. ADAM&YOU ʼAmerican Dream Part IIʼ

Following on from yesterday's post on Vauxhall's Ampera Season and the Super Collider light show, to another artist known for his use of lazers and neon lights who has also recently worked with Opel.  The Rüsselsheim-based automobile manufacturer collaborated with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for the launch of  their the new speedster 'ADAM' via his video for ʼAmerican Dream Part IIʼ.  TEED visited the Opel Design Center to have a preview.of the model design with the creative team who have developed multiple options for customisation. Orlando Higinbottom translated this theme of individualisation from the numerous colour combinations of the car body by implementing his signature stage antics of setting off confetti canons.  Here are behind-the-scene snaps from the studio of the nightclub set drenched in the multicolour foil and detail shots of the costumes which became covered in the glitter.  Anna Lomax created this brand new expansive carnival scale stegosaurus look which Orlando has since worn at his London headline show with Anna waiting in the wings to help with the quick change............  and a second dousing of confetti!  Team TEED are currently taking the all-encompassing live show from Europe such as Slovakia, Serbia, Spain and Sweden onto a North American tour.  Be sure to catch the epic experience by looking up the full list of destinations and dates on his site............ and enjoy the actual ʼAmerican Dream Part IIʼ video over on the official ADAM site.
Watch and read a specific interview on the concept over on the project partner VICE.
All images c/o Universal Music.

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