Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Weds Sept 26th: LFW SS13 - Louise Gray

Earlier in the Summer when Louise, James and I travelled to Germany to visit the Vauxhall design HQ we were leaving behind our respective collections to focus on outfitting the cars.  Over the next couple of months we put together the pieces of our shows and it was so exciting to sit down and see the epic combination of accessories and makeup in Louise's presentation.  Stephen Jones had created perspex speech-bubble headbands, Tatty Devine added perspex circular knuckle-dusters and giant disc earrings that caught the show lights like headlight reflectors.  James O'Riley mimicked Louise's signature felt-tip squiggles with a kohl frame  Basquait crown shape topping off the eyebrows and Sam McKnight completed the coiffured look with back-comb beehives.  The one-level seating plan meant that the audience could see the shoes for once which was so lucky for this collection as Louise had continued the hazard patterns from her frocks all the way down her hosiery to the dogtooth brogues and wedges.  Its been a banging season for Louise teaming up with Barbie, launching a line for TopShop in addition to the ADAM journey ............ only the beginning of a blinding career for one of London's colour crusaders!  Bring it on and be inspired to throw on some clashing textures and start drawing on your sunnies! 

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