Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday 23rd Dec: Wooden Hills Bedding Co.

Wooden Hills Bedding Co. is a new venture from ex-comedian Tim Stevens, whom I once saw  do a sketch as a surgeon (at an inaugural You, Me, Bum Bum Train), operating on a patient laying on a gurney making incisions to the beats of the Ferris Bueller movie anthem - "ch-ch-ch-gah-Oh Yeah".  From hospital bedsheets as props, to patterned linen for your bedroom - this artist has combined his love for Illustration, printing, African textiles AND sleeping to create a duvet cover company like no other.  
To explain more, I've likened the concept akin to the original music cassette tape format, taken one stage further than just the 'single' or 'double' analogy, with an A Side and B Side variant.  The bespoke bed linen company offer a service for you to create your own combination of cosmic patterns so that you'll never grow tired of just one colour-way.  Infact that's the only way they do it!  Their spectrum selection of wax cottons can be teamed to have a reversible option of sides and sewn in any formation to contrast the pillow cases to the duvet.  Head over to the site to see the choice of prints in stock which will be replaced over time in an ever-evolving catalogue of cartoon illustrative styles to ensure maximum variation in products put together.  There's currently a choice including Chanel logo interlocking C's ................. spraycans................ electric fans............. kryptonite crystal .............. car keys and sombreros................... or my personal fave the wing mirror repeat.

"Each duvet cover we make is reversible, and made bespoke at the customer's instruction: one could, for instance, opt for a fake Chanel print on the A-side and a desk-fan pattern on the reverse; equally,one could match a beautiful, simple langoustine pattern with a spray-can held in a set of green claws . Whatever you like. The choice is yours."
See more of the bedroom antics over on the Facebook, keep up to date with Daniel Beddingfield banter at Twitter and "like" new patterns as they appear on instagram (see below).
If you are a fan of Dutch Wax fabrics, may I also recommend Bombe Surprise for a collection of rad garms.

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