Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tues 8th Jan: Alex Mattsson vs. Zebra Katz for Red Bull Catwalk Studio

For the last few seasons I have had the honour of working with The Redbull Catwalk Studio who have facilitated all of my fashion week presence thru teaming me up with a musician to record my own exclusive show tune.  For AW12 I collaborated with musician  Charli XCX who performed live at my presentation and for SS13 I worked with producer TwoInchPunch who conceived a soundtrack for my fashion film.  Now its AW13 London Collections Men, the project has discovered menswear designer Alex Mattson who has in turn selected Zebra Katz as his artist of choice.  The duo have been in the studio in London putting together a track for a fashion film which will also be performed live later today at the show.  Director Grace LaDoja shot the feature in LA making the transatlantic partnership a truly global connection.  Not only will the fashion industry guests have the chance to see the gig but the opportunity of sharing the content is open to anyone, anywhere online.  At 3pm this afternoon the brand new track will appear as a free download to coincide with the actual live event ........... so wherever you are, you can take part.   
Above is a documentary which captured Alex and Zebra Katz at the studio for more insight into the initiative which is all available to investigate further over on the site where you'll be able to download the track from 3pm today for a limited period of 1 month.  I got in touch with Alex to find out more anecdotes about the incredible opportunity:

FB: What type of music defined your adolescence and do you have nostalgia for it that influences who you are today?  

AM:  I went through a few fazes. Mainly hip hop and trance. It definitely influences the present me. I'm still a big hip hop head and although I don't like trance anymore it sparked my love for electronic music and rave culture. 

FB:  Whats your favourite thing about Zebra Katz now that you have met and worked together?  (I found it really special to get to know the musician in this project as you understand their music so much better)

AM: Definitely his swagger! He has this aura of pure attitude as well as being a super sweet and down to earth.

FB:  Zebra Katz references alot from Vogue Balls (reading) - have you ever been to one or experienced that scene?

AM:  Yeah I went to a vogue ball in Shoreditch town hall once. It was amazing, but I'm sure it doesn't compare to the New York vogue scene. 

FB:  Did you introduce him to anything quintessentially British / London or does he know it well already from living here for a year when he studied?  

AM:  We were mostly in the Red Bull catwalk  studio so we didn't really get around to doing anything other than making music. I suppose dinner at Nando's is a pretty 'London' thing to do! 
FB:  How was it working with Grace LaDoja?  e.g Did you story-board together or did she conceive it for you?
AW:  Grace is amazing! We went through my inspiration and influences for the collection and she created the treatment out of that. It was shot in and around L.A fitting perfectly with my inspiration this season. Cholo bikers, pachucos and low-rider art.

From the bits that I've seen its will be epic! : ) 

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