Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tues 19th March: Diesel+Edun’s Studio Africa Radio

As part of the Studio Africa season, Diesel held a radio weekend broadcasting live from their flagship store on Regent Street with a schedule of back to back djs and live acts.  Here is Stephen Budd from Africa Express who kicked off the proceedings on Saturday morning ........... ending on a set by Awesome Tapes From Africa at the wrap party I hosted (complete with cases of awesome tapes to mix!).  The whole programme was streamed live thru Dazed Digital with Afrika Boy doing a live P.A both days (see above) turning the shopping street into a jam-packed block party on Saturday night.  For the rest of this week different evening events are being catered by Zoe's Ghana Kitchen who put on a smashing smash'n'grab buffet with a peanut curry she described as "a sexy suggestion of spice" when I enquired on it's Scotch Bonnet heat.  
Head over to the site to see the complete line-up and discover the playlists.
Find out more about the Africa Express project from Stephen's mix with Gorillaz ' Jesse Hackett here.
Trawl Brian Shimkovitz's incredible blog here.


laststraggler said...

Loved the Diesel Village experience and was lovely chatting to a very friendly Fred Butler;http://thelaststraggler.wordpress.com/

Unknown said...

actually i jus love black culture and i like to listen ghana radios station