Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday 5th April: PATTERNITY present "Pattern Power" - Superstripe

A long time in the making - PATTERNITY have finally put the finishing touches to their first ever exhibition.  The showcase of many different works pooled together with a print theme (specifically stripes) is a space dedicated to challenging perception of the every day to positively effect the world around us ie. "Does being more mindful make us happier and healthier?"  Here is just a sneaky peak at some of the pieces on display, planted between a stuffed badger and jar of hum bugs!  If its stripey, its in the show!  Above you can see a barrier tape top by Craig Lawrence, Holly Fulton dress, Katie Gaudion slinky sculpture, Getty image archive, Pomp De Franc tiffin........... and of course the girl's themselves - Grace & Anna.  
The show opens to the public tomorrow with a programme of events every day including talks, workshops (stripey jelly making with Bompass & Parr), think-tanks, Film Screenings, Yoga & Meditation classes, Science Class............. check it out and book up here.  There is even a gift shop which Ive totally failed to feature here because the whole thing was so consuming I forgot to make it into that section!!!
Find out more and follow the news feed at thier Facebook.
 Londonewcastle Project Space - 28 Redchurch Street in East London E2 7DP til 21st April

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